Our team seeks passionate, self-motivated, and challenge-driven individuals who thrive in a team-oriented environment. We are dedicated to positively impacting health, education, and community. This hybrid-style internship offers a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in developing professional skills, cultivating better work habits, and fostering personal growth through continuous learning and constructive feedback.

As an intern, you will be crucial in educating young adults with special needs on various health-related topics. These may include nutrition, tobacco education, personal hygiene, relationship building, personal safety, manners, and personal health management. Please note that the specific topics are subject to change based on the needs of the students.

We are seeking individuals who are passionate about making a difference, team-oriented, dedicated, and eager to embrace new challenges. This internship provides an invaluable opportunity to develop your skills while positively impacting the lives of others.


Are you looking for hands-on experience?

Interested in getting involved in your community?

Intern Availability:

  • Approximately 10-20 hours a week
  • One school year commitment from August/September to May/June
  • Ability to teach Monday through Thursday school hours (8am to 3pm)
  • Fridays 7am to 4pm for required meetings, trainings and occasional events

Must Haves:

  • Method of Transportation and/or Driver’s License
  • Current TB Test (through Goodwill)
  • Fingerprinting completion (through school districts)

Summer Opportunities: There are no summer opportunities at this time


  • Facilitate various student enrichment activities (with teacher and staff present)
  • Participate in team-building meetings and weekly curriculum training
  • Attend one-on-one meetings for project planning and professional growth
  • Plan and execute health program events, activities, and fundraisers for students
  • Network with various organizations
  • Complete an internship leadership project


At our organization, we are committed to providing a comprehensive and enriching internship experience that extends far beyond the scope of our program. We are excited to offer a wide array of valuable resources and training opportunities designed to empower our interns to reach their full potential and achieve their professional goals.

Throughout the year, we curate a series of engaging and informative sessions to support your personal and professional growth. These include:

1. Skill-Building Workshops: Participate in interactive workshops on developing essential skills.

2. Career Exploration Panels: Gain insights into diverse career paths and industries through panel discussions featuring accomplished professionals from various fields. These panels offer a unique opportunity to learn from their experiences, ask questions, and explore potential career trajectories that align with your interests and aspirations.

3. Networking Events: Connect with industry professionals, alumni, and potential mentors through our carefully curated networking events. These occasions provide invaluable opportunities to expand your professional network, seek advice, and potentially uncover future job or internship opportunities.

4. Personal and Professional Development Seminars: Enhance your interpersonal skills, leadership abilities, and personal growth through engaging seminars and workshops. These sessions will equip you with valuable tools to navigate the professional world with confidence and poise.

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the boundaries of our internship program. We are dedicated to providing a nurturing and supportive environment that fosters growth, empowers your ambitions, and prepares you for the next chapter of your professional journey.


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